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Be in the Fangio Grandstand on Friday to see the cars roll out of the garages. It all starts right here – see it unfold right before you.

After a day of high-speed action along the Main Straight, it’s time to sample on-the-edge braking and cornering for Saturday. Your seat is in the Brabham Grandstand, overlooking Turns 1 and 2 for the all-important day of practice and qualifying.

For Sunday, it’s back to Turns 1 and 2, this time from the Jones Grandstand on the outside of the circuit for a stunning view of the first corner of the new Formula 1 season.

Hold your breath and watch the world’s best fight for track position.

Sunday: Jones Grandstand
Saturday: Brabham Grandstand
Friday: Fangio Grandstand
Thursday: Roaming unreserved Grandstand ticket

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